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Office Chairs & Seating Solutions

Working for long hours needs utmost care of your posture and back. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair can lead to unproductivity amongst employees.

We at QUINN understand this and provide best in class chairs made with the highest quality of materials. Our premium chairs are made for people who don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to health. Our long lasting chairs will ensure that the person sitting on it feels like a King on his Throne.


CCTV cameras are one of the most important elements in securing our business and daily lives. We provide design and installation of CCTV security systems, video security systems, IP security cameras, video surveillance systems, security camera systems, wireless camera systems and switches to wireless, storage and software; we have everything your business needs for security and video surveillance.

CCTV & Video Surveillance we undertake at Quinn FM are:

  • New CCTV installation at corporate offices
  • Repair services for CCTV systems
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for all your CCTV & video surveillance needs.


At Quinn Facility Management our job is to see that you have access to the highest-quality cooling systems and services available. We fulfill that responsibility by providing AC solutions sourced from reputable and innovative HVAC manufacturers and offering hands-on AC installation, maintenance and repair services that are performed by highly qualified air conditioning service technicians.

Air conditioning services we undertake at Quinn FM are:

  • New & Replacement AC Installation Services for corporate offices
  • AC Maintenance Services & Preventive Maintenance Agreements. Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) take care of all your air conditioning needs.


Quinn is India’s first company to offer US based FDA approved solution for disinfecting air.

We understand the importance of having a clean and healthy workplace to keep your employees safe and happy. Our reliable air disinfecting services will keep your premises healthy and airborne microbes free. Our Annual Maintenance Contracts for hygiene are best suited for corporate offices.

In air conditioned offices, a large number of employees breathe the same recirculated air in a closed environment. This makes workers very vulnerable to diseases. This one of the main reasons why a a lot  of employees of companies fall ill together in a seasonal manner.

Quinn Air Disinfecting Solutions make sure this doesn’t happen in your office.